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Episode 14 Transcript – Raven

Ravens are found in the mythology of many cultures throughout the world: Greek, Hindu, Celtic, and Norse to name a few. But, The Raven that we’ll be looking at today, however, is a character found predominantly amongst the Native American tribes of the Pacific...

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Episode 13 Transcript – Creation Stories Pt. 2

The first story we’ll be looking at comes from the Bon religion of Tibet. Now, what’s interesting about Bon, sometimes called Bonpo, is that it is commonly thought of as being a sort of pre-Buddhist folk religion of Tibet… but, really, Bon didn’t really arise as a...

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Episode 12 Transcript – Irish Mythology

Irish mythology is a little bit tricky because, like with a lot of ancient cultures, the stories existed originally as an oral tradition. Archeological evidence places the earliest verified inhabitants of Ireland, who were Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, just after 8000...

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Episode 11 Transcript – Dance

It would be impossible to cover the entire scope of dance in relation to mythology in one episode- or probably even ten episodes, because its such a big topic- but today we’re going to take a look at a few examples of the relationship between mythology and dance in...

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Episode 10 Transcript – Maya Hero Twins

Today we’re going to be taking a trip to ancient Mesoamerica to discuss the pre-Columbian Maya Civilization. The Maya Civilization developed primarily in the region that spans from southeastern Mexico through Guatemala and Belize, into the western parts of Honduras...

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Episode 9 Transcript – Slavic Folklore

Unlike with Greek, Egyptian, or Indian mythology, there aren’t really any primary sources to draw from when looking at Slavic mythology. Scholars tend to agree that, while Old Slavic religion evolved for over a thousand years, originating in neolithic, or possibly...

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